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Guaranteed One-On-One Meetings With Independent Sponsor-Minded Executives With Deal Flow!

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Virtual Conference $3,999 per event (retail)

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This conference is designed to increase deal flow by providing an environment that allows attendees to meet one-on-one with pre-qualified executives who have an investment thesis.

What Is This Event About?

BlackmoreConnects™ - The Association for Private Equity maintains the bandwidth to do what 99% of lower-middle market private equity firms cannot: the time-intensive and exhaustive research necessary to identify the most relevant, desirable and qualified executive leads -- who possess the expertise and investment angles your dry powder craves.

Throughout the course of a single year, the typical private equity firm will receive an average of 2,500 unsolicited executive resumes. Since a typical firm has approximately fifteen employees and only closes an average of two deals per year, time is a commodity few are able to utilize. Our executive members have been leveraged, through the use of our 'Backable Exec' process, into the qualified candidates with whom private equity firms desperately want to connect. We know that a resume is not an angle in and of itself. What we do know is that a resume will be noticed based upon an angle. We realize that private equity firms want to get to know executives personally, who they are as people, as equally as they want to understand their angle, which is why we’ve completed the due diligence in seeking out and qualifying those individuals who have actionable theses and assembling them into an environment where you are able to meet face-to-face.

Build Your Executive Bench With BlackmoreConnects™.

Over 500 executives were screened to produce just one qualified executive at these events. As mentioned above, the typical private equity firm lacks the necessary resources to create an executive funnel this size. Our platform is the most efficient model for firms seeking to differentiate themselves in auctions and other limited processes.

Who Are These Executives?

- Execs who are screened by a recruiting team with over 100 years combined PE recruiting experience.

- Execs with actionable, proprietary deals (PE firms pay a success fee only when a deal is closed).

- Execs who have been coached to adopt an independent operating partner mindset and position themselves as a continual source of proprietary deal flow.

- 'Backable' execs who are ready to do the heavy lifting to get deals done over 12-24 months vs. 'getting a job'.

- Sophisticated executives who understand how Private Equity works.

- Execs to whom a firm can bring a CIM to vet a deal and locate where the 'bones are buried'.

- Execs who can give you the unique industry angle that will give your firm confidence to win more deals.

- Execs who can help extend your deal team.

- Execs who can be board members.

- Execs who can be future replacement executives.

- Execs who are ready to be short-term consultants.

- Execs who can be interim leaders.

This event is the only choice when it comes to Executive-Private Equity networking when the objective is to increase proprietary deal flow. No one makes connecting easier, more efficient, and rewarding. The ROI to participate will result in increased deal flow!

You will have personal access to executives with experience in a range of industries:


*Note: if you don't see the industry with which your firm has a focus, don't worry, we reach out to executives from all industries.

What your industry colleagues say about past events:

"What I found beneficial about the conference is the interaction with executives that you don't get at other conferences. We're generalists, so really not industry-specific, but if we see a deal come across our desk and we want to be knowledgeable on the space, this is a great way to build up your bench."

"What’s interesting about this conference is an opportunity to talk directly with executives that have an investment thesis, and in some cases, have actionable deals that you can actually move on, if you will, right away, so I think it gives you sort of a different way to think about your deal flow and different source of deal flow and it also helps expand your knowledge of various industries you might be contemplating."

"First of all, there is a cadre of very interesting executives with very specific deal theses and are looking potentially for funding. Most of the ones we have reviewed are squarely in the middle market. And so, the benefits for us as a firm are: 1. Additional element for our deal flow efforts, 2. we are always interested to meet with highly qualified, incentivized executives who may be looking to transition. So, it is really a dual benefit for us."


When do you conduct the deal flow conferences?

Our events take place every nine weeks. The schedule for the 2023 dates are now open for early registration.

Who are the executives that attend these events?

These executives are not in search of a position with a private equity firm. They’re looking for a partner to help them execute their actionable idea. It isn’t difficult for a firm to find executives. What is difficult is finding executives who want to buy a company, which is crucial. We will go through ~900 resumes in each quarter of the year to pre-screen for these such individuals.

What is the cost of attending?

The registration price for each event is $3,999. Significant discounts are offered to firms who register for multiple events simultaneously.

How many executives attend each event?

You will have direct and face-to-face access with between 15-30 executives that have a clearly-defined, private equity-specific angle, and who do not wish to be involved with an investment bank or business broker. These executives are veterans within their industries, having spent decades building relationships with their industry peers.

What should I expect from execs at the conference?

-These executives are looking for a financial sponsor.

- These executives are actively building a funnel of proprietary deal flow from within their networks. When a deal closes they are looking for salary, bonuses, and at least 5% equity without putting money in and the ability to co-invest.

- Some deals will be actionable immediately, while others will be actionable in the weeks and months ahead.

If as a PE firm you only like investment bank deals, our deal flow is not for you.

- These executives understand how PE really works. They too, prefer ACTIONABLE deals. However, they know most deals fail.

- These executives understand they will likely have 10 deals fail to close just one.

- These executives are interviewing you and vice versa to find the right fit.

How many PE firms attend?

An average of 15 firms attend any given event. There is a maximum of 24 permitted for a single event.

What are the size of the targets that these executives are putting together?


How do you find the executives?

- They are qualified through a curated process which includes multiple thesis revisions and target identification.

- The executives go through between 5-20 hours of training about the expectations of PE to make sure they are not attending simply to secure a "job".

- The executives understand that it takes a large number of targets to get a deal done.

What are the benefits of attending these events?

- Increased proprietary deal flow.

- One-on-one, face-to-face meetings with qualified operating executives

- Save months, if not years, of time and thousands of dollars in marketing capital as opposed to traditional avenues of deal flow.

What do I pay if my firm funds a deal?

-There is a 24-month tail after each conference for deals that are realized.

- The payment of a standard Lehman Fee (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) should a deal close with one of the pre-qualified executives via the BlackmoreConnects™ pipeline.

What if we use them as consultants?

For Consultant, Advisor, or other Experts Fee: 33% of all monies paid.

What if I hire them?

- For C-level positions: 33% of the first twelve months of employment as determined by total starting salary and expected bonus accepted by candidate. If hired on a contract basis: 33% of total monthly compensation for the first twelve months of the contract or until contract is terminated.

- For Board Member positions: Any board positions filled by executives of Blackmore Partners, Inc. will follow fee schedule based upon annual company revenue.

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